January in Florida = Tropical Plant Feast at TPIE: Tropical Plant International Expo

Like being in an air-conditioned tropical paradise, I could have lived there forever, just looking after the plants. The Tropical Plant International Expo at the Ft. Lauderdale Expo Center  featured thousands of my favorite things--from orchids to air plants, terrariums both sitting and dangling. And the thousands of attendees were there to buy plants, equipment and accessories; to find ideas and inspiration.

Vanda orchids dangled gracefully on a display by Silver Vase
Air plants, or Tilandsias, continue to make an appearance, along with all kinds of succulents. And orchids?

The display of Vanda orchids at the Silver Vase booth stopped me in my tracks. They hung in all their tropical glory--dripping with roots and totally unnerved by their lack of soil.

They were totally on board with Pantone's color of the year. And they looked wonderful in ultraviolet, whether solid, speckled or edged in it.

A small clutch of Sanseveria, a Euphorbia and a ZZ plant.
As fascinated as I was with all the great plants at the show, I was just as amazed by the variety of the containers available to grown them in.
Haworthi 'Miami' offered
an extra stripey pop.
Bromeliads continued to reign.

Eve's Garden, of Groveland, Florida, has found a beautiful and modern
way of combining living beauty with home decor. 

Santino makes beautiful self-watering containers.
Arizona East offers both plants and original and imaginative containers.

LiveTrends continues to keep up with living
and trendy home decor.
I snapped photos like a madwoman. These are just a few from the trade show, which was almost too much to cover in one day. I'll post again with more, including the wonderful grower field trip I went on

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  1. A perfect winter interlude. I have often thought about trying to grow an orchid with it's roots exposed. I wonder about winter dryness here. I have to bring them into the house and despite running a humidifier it is dry inside.