What's Stealing the Show in Your Garden?

Caryopteris 'Beyond Midnight' is just starting to open its fluffy,
blue flowers. It's a perennial I planted along with a red Pelargonium
and coleus 'Coleosaurus'.
Beauty is coming from all sources in the garden, from foliage color to texture, with just a smattering of flowers to give me something to look forward to and gauge the summer.

The biggest scene-stealers are the coleus, with both large and small varieties reaching their peak size by now.

I've been waiting all summer for Caryopteris 'Beyond Midnight' to start blooming. Turns out, it looks good with a deep red Pelargonium and a colorful coleus.
This coleus, 'Diane's Gold', has lots going for it, from its swirly leaf shape and evenly-jagged edges to its
variation on the green theme that includes one of my favorite foliage colors--chartreuse.

The Spanish lavender isn't blooming, nor is the scented-leaf Pelargonium. Their colors
are similar, though, as are their cultural preferences, which makes them perfect companions.

I love the variegated leaves of Nasturtium 'Orange Troika'

Even though each tuberose has bloomed by itself, it's always
exciting to see and smell this lovely Mexican bulb.

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