Tulip-mania at MOBOT

Visiting Missouri Botanical Garden in springtime is guaranteed to make you want to plant tulips. In a big way. To get the look captured by the designers at MOBOT, you have to plant bulbs shoulder to shoulder.

In most cases, I wasn't able to determine the varieties planted, but you should be able to recreate the themes in your own garden by taking a look at ColorBlends wholesale bulbs, most likely in the mid-Spring range.

I loved the butter-yellow tulips with Fritillaria persica, which is sometimes called Persian lily as their native range includes western Iran.
I don't think I'd have considered mixing short tulips among the taller varieties, but this bright grouping makes great eye-candy. If you look close, some of the varieties have leaves edged in pale yellow, adding an even brighter look to the group.

These simple white tulips actually seemed to glow in this partly shady nook at the edge of some tall shade trees.

 There were a lot of double tulips at MOBOT. This one is called 'Abba'.

'Sensual Touch' is the name this orangey-yellow tulip goes by.

Many of the varieties--named and otherwise--should be available at VanEngelen Bulbs.

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  1. Oddly enough I have only been to MOBOT during late summer and autumn. These pictures are enough to make me want to go back there.