Ding Dong The Blog is Back

I'm just so happy to have my blog back. Suffice it to say it had become misguided through no (or little) fault of my own, and now it's fixed, thanks to our wonderful web genius friend Scott. Thanks again Scott. 

Here's an outdoor update as of today, Oct. 21, one of the latest years of frost-free days and keeping my fingers crossed for a little more time. The banana is happy and very tall, and some of the Begonias are still pushing out blooms. I'd been sent some scented begonias to try--three each of white and red from Longfield Gardens. Although the non-white tubers produced flowers, they weren't really red. And I didn't detect a fragrance, either. I'm not saying they weren't fragrant--just that I didn't detect a scent. Their color was gorgeous though--a soft peachy coral on plenty of petals. 

Not red, but undoubtedly beautiful, this tuberous begonia is getting its second wind.
I'm including a shot of Kniphofia 'Echo Yellow' because it's blooming again--it's third production of cute lemon-yellow flowers of the season. 
Fall-blooming mums typically don't do that well for me. They grow like crazy and bloom their heads off, but loll about like drunken sailors, never seeming to be able to get their feet underneath them. I maneuvered a metal ring support around a bright yellow one, though, and they made a valiant effort. I even was able to cut a few short stems for a bouquet.

And the elephant ears are part of the ruse, pretending for all they're worth that they're in Costa Rica and this is just a "cool spell." In a week's time they'll be a mass of mushy memories, but for now, I can't keep my eyes off them.

There is nothing like a bright yellow mum to brighten a fall day.

Colocasia 'Midori Sour' shades its shorter neighbors.
In a more typical fall, Dendranthema 'Clara Curtis' would be fighting its way back up each morning after being felled by frost or even snow. It's taken me a few years to appreciate its lateness. And this year I'm bellowing its praises. It goes well with the tall Marigolds and the Coleus, and helps provide a colorful scene that will be one of the last of the season.

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  1. I forgot to cut back my mum this year. It flops and splays so bad when I don't cut it back several times through the summer. It is planted out front and I do so little gardening in the front garden that I forget it is there. ha... I just brought inside all the tender plants yesterday. A good thing since it was 39F last night. Brrrrrrrrr Fall is finally here.