Container Transitions: The Best Plants Win

Ptilotus 'Joey' is looking good in mid-June
For the brightest sun location on my patio, I chose a mix of two Ptilotus 'Joey, Eucalyptus 'Silver Drop', Pelargonium (annual geranium) 'Distinction', and three bulbs of Eucomis (pineapple lily) 'Katie', all of which I planted in a 14" diameter container.

From mid-May until the beginning of July, Ptilotus 'Joey' bloomed nonstop, its spiky flowers lasting for several days as the Eucalyptus wove through the two plants.

By July 4, 'Joey' was losing steam, but by now the Eucomis was ramping up for its bloom, which began in early August. Eucomis flowers are known to last at least five weeks, and annual geranium has no reason to quit, so this pot will provide color through the end of the season.

By July 4, 'Joey' was going into a fade.
By August 8, the Eucomis 'Katie' started their bloom along with
Pelargonium 'Distinction', while the Euclyptus plays on.


  1. You grow so many things I have never heard of. They are exotic and beautiful.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thenk you. Exotic has been my weakness over the past few years. I love to try new plants to see how they'll do under my care.