Plants that Love the Heat on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Cosmos 'Chocamocha' smells like hot chocolate.
It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, when gardeners check in to let their fellow plantophiles know what's happening in their corner of the world. Here in northwest Indiana (just 30 miles east of Chicago), it's Hot!

Ugh! I don't like to complain, but ... Wait a minute! I LOVE to complain--about the weather at least. In fact, if it weren't for the weather, how in the world would gardeners start a conversation that leads into their own personal plant bragging rights? Right?

Okay, it's hot. And incredibly humid. And while I drip sweat without even moving, there are several plants that seem to thrive. After discovering the deep red Cosmos flower that actually smells like chocolate, I had to get one. I put Cosmos 'Chocamocha' in a container with other plants, and it began to open its chocolaty flowers a few weeks ago. It hasn't melted in the heat; instead it just smells like hot chocolate to me.
Begonia odorata white on the porch.

As delicate as they seem to be, Begonias can hold their own in the heat. One of my pots is beneath the eaves on our front porch. It contains Begonia odorata white and Begonia Shadow King 'Rose Frost'. The species odorata is supposed to have a scent, which I've not detected. Nonetheless, it's a gorgeous flower, with pinkish tones on the outside of each flower bud, and waxy petals of a white that practically glows, especially in shade. Longfield Gardens sent me three of these tubers to try; another plant is in a hanging basket and gets a tad more sun and exposure but is doing just as well as the protected plant.

Begonia odorata white is doing equally well in a mixed hanging planter.
It might not have blooms to offer, but Colocasia 'Midori Sour' has turned on its afterburners and rushed to sport sizable leaves that make great shade canopies for whatever grows below them.
Colocasia 'Midori Sour' has leaves that average nearly two feet long.
You don't have to plant heat-loving plants in your garden to have color throughout the summer. But it certainly can't hurt. I always like to head over to May Dreams Garden around the middle of each month to see what other gardeners are growing in their own hot gardens.

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  1. Hi Jean, I love begonias. They are surprisingly well adapted to heat. I didn't realize you lived in IN. I do to only I live in SW IN. We too are in near meltdown mode. UGH... Happy GBBD.