You Can Grow That: Amaryllis re-bloom Part I

Year 1: Hippeastrum 'Lime Flare's first
stem's blooms.
I limited myself to just two new Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) this year, and one turned out to be a doozy. While many of the varieties I've grown have had one stem with several flowers, this one had two stems each with four flowers, providing color for the entire month of January.

Year 1: 'Amputo' is pretty but doesn't have
the impact I was hoping for.
Blooms of Hippeastrum 'Lime Flare' began to open Jan. 6, the second on the 28th. I like that in a winter-blooming plant, as at that time of year, it's all about the anticipation. I purchased the bulb from Easy to Grow Bulbs; it was just one of many Cybister amaryllis available from the southern California company.

The other one, while simple and lovely, didn't have the fragrance it advertised. I'll be donating the bulb from 'Amputo' to another gardener.

Year 4: 'Razzle Dazzle' bloomed its second and third years in
April, and now in its 4th year, mid-February.
Two more came from Edens Blooms in 2012--'Razzle Dazzle' and 'Pavlova'. The first year's blooms are always gorgeous--the bulbs have been treated just as they should by the growers. It's subsequent years that get a little dicey, and I've lost a few along the way. But starting with 'Razzle Dazzle' and 'Pavlova', it's as if I can't fail. Especially 'Pavlova', which seems to bloom no matter what I do. When it blooms is more of a mystery. 'Pavlova' is one of two double-flowered Amaryllis in my stable, and I love it. The other one, which has yet to bloom this year, is called 'Zombie' and is a bit more forward in its color.

'Pavlova' in year 2.
Year 2: 'Pavlova' sent up two flower stems
in March; in year 3, just one in early Feb., and the
following year the end of January. I see no activity
from 'Pavlova' so far this year.
Part of the mystery that runs through the Amaryllis season is that sometimes the labels get mixed up when all the pots you own are on the patio. So I got a nice surprise bloom the other day--a case of mistaken identity, which can happen when you have several. I'll post about it soon, as well as the two that are revving up to flower any time now. The identify of one of them is anyone's guess, but by process of elimination is 'Zombie', 'Pavlova', or 'Sweet Lilian'. But I'll leave that for the next post. This is my encouraging word for the latest You Can Grow That! blog.

I don't know what you spend a spare $15 on in January, but for my money, it will likely be another Amaryllis bulb I haven't tried yet. In exchange, you'll get at least two weeks worth of anticipation, fascination, and just plain enchantment, all from a brown, papery bulb. Go ahead and head over to Easy to Grow Bulbs, where they still have some available for this season.

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