Having a Blast with SunBlaster Plant Lights

It's like spring again in January. Thanks to my plant lights, I wake up each morning to see if I can detect new growth from the last time I checked, about 14 hours earlier.

For one thing, grow lights are more accessible and less expensive. I have a set-up devised by a Canadian company called SunBlaster Lighting, which I discovered at Chesterton Feed and Garden Center.

I positioned my three-light Sunblaster combinations
at two heights, depending on plant height
and light requirements.
I purchased components a few at a time, so the eventual cost for two fixture combinations was spread over a few paychecks. Based on the size of the banquet table I was going to use for my plants, I opted for the 24-inch lights (the Sunblaster 904296 NanoTech T5 High Output Fixture Reflector Combo, 2-feet), three per fixture connected by Sunblaster light strip hangers, which hold up to seven lights per set of two. The total cost for my set-up, for six lights plus reflectors and two light strips was around $280, which less than what I spend each year on plants and tools for my outdoor garden.

The clips that come with the light strip hangers make it easy to adjust everything.
While my houseplants don't erupt into bloom each day, they actually grow, as opposed to what they were doing when left to fend for themselves with the light that came through the window. While I can't say what the best distance from the light or the ideal amount of time the lights are on for each plant, I hope to figure that out by the end of the winter. For now, I'm just happy to have color in the house and plants to play with for the next four months.

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  1. Your set up looks good. It is fun to have all that lovely light in one area to make things grow. Here they lean toward the windows. I will have to live with that now.