Don't Forget to Plant Indoor Bulbs

The paperwhites (6 of a variety called 'Nir') have all been planted--five in pots and one in a bulb vase, while the Hippeastrum sits idle while it forms roots before pushing out growth.
A paperwhite called 'Wintersun'.
Winter won't get the best of me this time. I'm in quick harvest mode, ordering plants and bulbs to ship before the temps really drop. I have a new Amaryllis and a few paperwhites going so far. The Amaryllis (more correctly, Hippeastrum) hasn't shown signs of growth so far, but I just planted it last week, and it's said to take 8 to 10 weeks to bloom. So the earliest would be December 30, the latest January 13.

I chose this particular Hippeastrum, not for its color, or even for its size. This particular variety, 'Amputo', is said to be fragrant. Besides our need to see growing, living things inside when it's so grey outside, we also crave the scent. Did you know that our scent memories are much stronger than sight and sound recollections? I can still remember the smell of ether from when I had my tonsils out when I was seven. And I certainly link the scent of peonies with their silky feel against my face as my Grandma shows me her prized plants.

This paperwhite is called 'Nir'.
So I've added the paperwhites, even though I remember thinking they were too strong. What I don't remember is when or where I smelled them and made that mental pronouncement. I also ordered some paperwhites that are reportedly less fragrant than the typical varieties. Narcissus 'Winterersun' is said to have a very, very light scent. I haven't gotten them yet and have six of the variety called 'Nir' growing already. 

Narcissus 'Nir' is said to have the classic, musky scent typical to paperwhites. I found a page on the Easy to Grow Bulbs website where comparisons of scent, longevity of bloom and ultimate height are included.

But the paperwhites and Amaryllis aren't the only fragrant plants I'm growing. Somehow I stumbled upon a spiky flower from Madiera with otherworldly blue, fragrant blossoms. I won't even mention their name as I don't have them in hand yet. More later on this really, really cool bulb.

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