Getting Plants Ready for Indoors

I repotted my orchids today. Although the experts say they shouldn't be repotted often, I needed to address the likelihood that some insect stowaways took up residence in their soil. I love mixing my own potting material up--it's probably related to my enjoyment of cooking. And this time of year it can be done outside.
All but two of my orchids repotted in clean mix.

I'd placed an order with Kelly's Korner Orchid Supplies for pots and other stuff, including a product called Orchiata, which is made of New Zealand pine bark; Premium Hydro Pellets, and a variety of Aircone pots.

Oncidium speckled spire ‘Wisp’ in January.
If I had known I could get the hydro pellets locally at The Wattage House (who'd know from the name?), which specializes in hydroponic and other types of mostly indoor gardening. It's just an hour from my house and driving there and back is a lot less expensive than the $16.50 that Kelly's Korner charged for shipping. I talked with Brian, a very knowledgeable young man who worked out what kind of lights I will need to get my plants through the winter. Yes, I decided to officially cross the line back into houseplant gardening, as it's getting more and more difficult to do without healthy plants from November through March.

I also discovered that The Wattage House has a huge array of fertilizers, including Fox Farm, which is one of my favorites probably because of the cool artwork on the packaging, but possibly because it's a good product. I decided to try Beastie Bloomz, which has a nutrient ratio of 0-50-30. Yes, you read that right, the middle number (representing phosphorus) is a 50! The percentage of potassium is no slouch either, at 30.
Miltonia 'Robert Jackson' in December.

I gave all of my containers with blooms a feeding with Beastie Bloomz (According to Brian, it won't work unless there are already flowers or flower buds on the plant.), as well as dosing some of my in ground plants like Zinnias, Dahlias, Viola, and snapdragons. Although I hadn't taken any photos of blooming plants with no flowers, I'm pretty sure I'm seeing results already, but perhaps it's just my imagination.

As for the orchids, I watered them in a large Tubtrug, leaving them to soak in about a half inch of the water until they soaked up all they needed.

Although they're just a bunch of leaves right now, they're healthy and I'm hoping they'll bloom again. Time will tell.


  1. I repotted one of my orchids a month or so ago. It didn't look happy. It has since grown new leaves. I can't wait for winter to bring on a few bloooms. Your orchids have beautiful blooms. Mine are very common but beautiful when blooming.