The Perfect Venue for Floral Magic

Imagine a bright spot in the midst of one of the most blighted cities in America. Could that bright spot be so imaginatively possible with anything but flowers? 

Credit Lisa Waud, of Pot & Box for the idea of turning an abandoned Detroit duplex into a house of flowers. The Michigan florist purchased two buildings, one of which will host a flower installation in October.

Lisa has inspired florists from all over the country to fill the entire 15-room house with American grown fresh flowers and plants. The project is called Flower House, and the concept has taken my breath away.
In May, Lisa created a "teaser" room in an adjacent house to stir up some excitement for the project. That's when these photos were taken. How eerily beautiful an entire house, once home to families but abandoned to decay, will look when the installation is complete on October 16.
That is when Lisa and a team of floral artists will work some serious magic and give the house "one last hurrah" before having it torn down in order to create a flower farm.

In a February podcast, Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers fame, interviews Lisa Waud about the process through the unfolding of this inspiring project. Learn more in the Flower House Teaser about the transforming effects of living plants, and the importance of using locally-grown flowers. I can't think of a better way to send the message.

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