Analita's Surprise - A Perennial Tulip

The tulip called 'Analita' takes center stage in this bouquet.
If you pay attention, chances are a pattern will emerge in your garden. My garden is home to more dual-colored flowers than single shades. The adorable tulip 'Analita' isn't a tall an elegant flower, but it has the whole perkiness thing nailed down.

Early morning, or when it's raining like it is now, 'Analita's flower petals are held close, like she's got a secret that might be revealed with enough coaxing. In closed petal format, she's as much red as white, but in a subtle way, the red applied like an afterthought or a careless smudge of lipstick.

'Analita' is even more exciting when the sun comes out and her petals reveal their other side.
'Analita' fades to a pale pink with age.
'Analita's perky nature is uncovered with the sun's arrival, her secret exposed as creamy white petals splashed by vivid vermillion and centered by a generous dollop of egg-yolk yellow.

Analita is in the Fosteriana class of tulips, and was registered by a hybridizer from the Netherlands in 1952.

I am happy I chose to plant 50 bulbs of this variety, which I'd purchased from John Scheepers Bulbs in fall of 2012. They've been returning ever since they first bloomed in spring of 2013. If the flowers of 'Analita' aren't munched down by rabbits or deer, you'll get to see them transition with age, as if the red color bled into the white portion of the petal.

For a tulip with an individualistic simplicity that will come back at the same strength each year, give 'Analita' a try. She's been on the market for more than 60 years for a reason, after all.

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