Garden-pedia is a must have reference

Garden-pedia by Pamela Bennett and Maria Zampini is a reference to nearly every term you'll encounter along your personal gardening path, no matter how far you've gotten.

Sometimes, all you have time for is a snippet of information--just enough to get you to that reference point where you can get on with your life.

Did you know that lead could be found in soil? (A good reason to get your soil tested.)

Some gardening terms--like budding, chipping and standard--can have more than one meaning?

And, what the heck is a macronutrient, anyway?

Answers to all of these questions, from the obscure to the obvious, can be found in Garden-pedia, published by St. Lynn's Press. I loved perusing this book at the dinner table. (Yes, we do that.) It's not a meaty book, but one that might lead to further examination of a term, a method, or a type of plant you're considering for your garden.

Just because it makes a small footprint and makes a fun read doesn't mean Garden-pedia is a book for dummies. Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a seasoned horticultural veteran, the book offers nuggets of information that will make you a better gardener. At the very least, it will make you more fun at parties. Can anyone name the three sides of the disease triangle?

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