Peony Companions - Because Even the Best Flowers Need Friends

What goes with peonies? Here are a few of my favorites.

This sunny spot is home to a huge Baptisia 'Purple Smoke', which goes perfectly with any peony planted nearby. It's kind of a giant, and tends to be a leaner in a semi-shaded garden, so I prop it 
up as much as I can so it doesn't completely obliterate any neighboring peonies. 
The big-headed Allium are also good companions.

This old-fashioned peony, 'Mme Ducel' is positioned on the sunny side of a shaded bed, 
where Hakonechloa 'All Gold' brightens up the background.

One of my favorite white-on white combos is Peony 'White Wings' with Ornithogalum magnum, a hardy bulb that can be planted in the fall.

I love Siberian iris for its ease of culture and healthy foliage that offers grass-like vertical interest through the season. And there is little better for accenting almost any shade of peonies.
The more the merrier makes for a colorful combination. Peony 'Mme Ducel' holds her 
own along with self-seeded Digitalis and ornamental Amaranth, with Peony 'Clown' in 
the background at the right.

Picking flowers for bouquets is a fun way to determine what goes with what in your garden.

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