Decorate with Living Plants

Make your own mixed basket to decorate a shelf.
 No one ever said plants had to stay on a windowsill. I like to move mine around when they're looking especially colorful. There are lots of places that can use the softening of a plant or two. I like to combine them in containers--a gold basket combines with the colors of Miltassia shelob 'Tolkien' and a decorative-leaved Begonia.

Find containers that go with both your decor and the plant, although it's easiest to collect containers in neutral colors.

I found a stone-like planter that fits a Paphiopedilum and a Begonia. It's thick-walled and heavy like the stone it's meant to resemble, its texture contributing something extra to an indoor planter.
Brighten up a corner by rotating out blooming plants.
An orchid--or any plant for that matter--in bloom, can carry the day, but I think all plants can benefit from a coordinating pal or two. Fancy-leaved Begonias are great companions for just about anything.

For the majority of the time I keep plants near a window or under the lights. But it certainly doesn't hurt them to spend a couple of days in another location. Put them to work one at a time, or in a group in an otherwise dreary location.

According to research reported in Science Daily, houseplants in general can help filter ozone concentrations.

I make sure I always have a plant in the room where I write. Just glancing over at it is therapeutic and inspirational.

Why not mix Oncidium with Poinsettia?
Prevention Magazine writes about research that has found that houseplants, even in a windowless room, have a calming effect.

While the orchids I have in pots aren't really that flamboyant, I've added a bit of sparkle and some holiday color just to add to the theme going on in the house.

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