Amaryllis Rebloom

Amaryllis 'Ruby Star' (
It's Amaryllis time once again. Or let's say it's time to think about them. A new one for me this year is 'Ruby Star' from Easy to Grow Bulbs. The description of the plant says it will flower in 40-60 days indoors, so perhaps it will flower for the holidays.

I potted 'Ruby Star' up on Nov. 12, so a generous guess would be that it would be blooming by late December/early January.

Pavlova Jan 18, 2012
I still have the others I purchased in 2011. When you order Amaryllis bulbs from suppliers, it's usually ready to bloom in a matter of weeks. If you hope to see it rebloom, it's a bit more complicated, and I'm still not certain I have a handle on the process.
Pavlova March 27, 2013

I take all of my plants out and gradually acclimate them to a spot outdoors - somewhere protected from the sun. The plants are usually in leaf and my goal is to keep the leaves growing until they fade to yellow. After that happens, I just kind of ignore them until they start to form leaves again, at which time I feed them with a water soluble fertilizer.

The first year I grew them was 2012, the first one to bloom was a double white called 'Pavlova', which opened in mid-January.

'Pavlova' January 24, 2014
I'd kept the pots of Amaryllis on the patio and they grew like crazy. But for some insane reason, I cut most of the roots off the bulbs before repotting them in October of that year. That's how I account for such a late season in 2013. Pavlova' didn't start blooming until late March.

But in January 2014, 'Pavlova' bloomed early again, this time January 24th.

But a gardener's winter is fraught with impatience. I have three orchids in bloom, but I want/need more. I have some cool begonias with beautifully-colored foliage, Ornithogalum growing 1/4 inch a day, and an adorable Primulina but I'm still craving color.

I think the winter of 2015 will be another year when Pavlova stalls until spring. She's doing absolutely nothing right now, which is what Amaryllis do before they get ready to start growing and producing a bloom. I suppose I'll have to be more patient.

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