Easy Arranger Give-Away

When the folks at Annabelle Noel sent me a package of Easy Arrangers, I knew I had to stage a give-away. And then I got busy and forgot.

So now, with the holiday season coming up, I'd like to invite you to comment on this post by November 10 to enter my drawing for a 5-inch Easy Arranger.

These great bouquet assistants make it easy to create upstanding arrangements with your own garden flowers or those you purchase at the florist. They come in several sizes and shapes, including a 4-inch square model for a square vase.

The wire is malleable enough to form easily around the opening of a vase, or even use it inside the opening. I was able to use a 4-inch diameter cachepot for a bunch of short-stemmed flowers, including the fairly soft-stemmed Calendula I'd started from seed.

The six-inch Easy Arranger was called into play and bent inward toward the center of the pot, giving the wire frame some stability. From there it was easy to add the flowers.

Flowers like pot marigold (Calendula) and floss flower (Ageratum) fill a small cachepot.
This July arrangement features the Easy Arranger and its detachable little green dangles.
In some of my arrangements, more is more, and when I gathered an abundance of blooms from lilies, Hydrangea, Veronica, Kniphofia and more, I clipped four green dangles from Easy Arranger onto the wire before adding the flowers.

By late August, even Maurice wanted to horn his way into one of my photos.
I was still creating arrangements in late August, now with flowers from Heuchera 'Autumn Bride', Zinnias and cockscomb (Celosia).

So here's what you will need to do to enter my drawing for a free Easy Arranger: Just click on "comment" below and let me know your experience when putting flowers in a vase, if the flowers are from your garden or from a florist, and what you like to put into your arrangement--flowers, foliage, etc. If you have a blog, include it in the comment.

I will choose one of your comments at random and announce the winner in a future blog and on my Facebook page.