Passion Flower Blooms in Waves

I'd never tried growing passion vine in a pot before. But I had a large mushroom-shaped support, so I gave it a shot. The plant, Passiflora 'Thuraia', was pretty small when it came in the mail from Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants, and it looked lonely in the large pot. So, of course, I had to add something else. Something like some sweet peas and a couple of four o'clock plants. 'Thuraia' is a small-flowered hybrid that was recommended for pots or hanging baskets. Considering how the plant has completely obliterated the entire support, I'm glad I didn't put it in a hanging basket. It seemed to take forever to climb up the vertical supports, but I didn't have to tie it, just lead it and its long, curly tendrils toward the top.
I was excited to finally see flower buds, and ecstatic when the buds opened in early August.
Buds on the passion vine finally filled out in early August.

Even before its flowers open, 'Thuraia' is pretty.
'Thuraia's' first flush of blooms opened to reveal the signature cross in the center surrounded by banded filaments.