Grafted Wonder Bell Pepper is a Wonder

When the J.W. Jung Seed Company offered me a grafted sweet pepper plant to try in my garden, I didn't hesitate. I've been growing grafted tomatoes for the past four years with phenomenal success (except for this year when my grafted 'Pineapple' tomato took an early nose dive).

Four peppers were quite large by August 11.
The tiny plant of 'Wonder Bell' arrived in late May, the perfect time to plant. Jung also sent me a packet of 'Wonder Bell' seed, but it was too late to start for a fair comparison, so I grew just the grafted pepper. When I gave up on trying to grow non-grafted tomatoes, I'd also forgone growing sweet peppers. Habaneros did well, but I never had any luck with the larger bell type peppers, each plant producing no more than two or three small peppers of a size somewhere between a golf and a baseball.

Wonder Bell formed fruit fairly early, but I left all four of them on the plant so they could turn nice and red. They did, all around the same time.

Three of the four Wonder bell peppers in gorgeous technicolor on September 1.
Today I looked at the plant and it's growing three more peppers that will likely be smaller than the first batch, but still nearly big enough to stuff. Considering the extremely wet weather we've had from spring through late summer, the bell peppers did very well. To get four blocky, thick-walled, sweet red peppers in such a summer in my sun-challenged garden was nothing short of a miracle.