Dashing Dahlias

There's no doubt about it - I'll be growing more Dahlias next year.

An overview of Hamilton Dahlia Farm in Hamilton, Michigan
My three dahlias are not in a hurry to bloom, so I sought out other spots to see dahlias. First I visited Hamilton Dahlia Farm in southwestern Michigan. Here are a few of my favorites:
'Ferncliff Copper'
Much more than copper, this dahlia sports a concentration of magenta at its center that is lightly brushed on each petal. 'Ferncliff Copper' was developed by D. Jack of Ferncliff Gardens in British Columbia, and introduced in 1990. It's labeled a small, bronze-colored full double by the American Dahlia Society Classification and Handbook of Dahlias.

'Formby Crest'
George Harding of Tasmania is responsible for the breeding of many dahlia cultivars with the name "Formby" in their title, including 'Formby Crest', a miniature formal decorative ball dahlia.
'Mary Lou'
 'Mary Lou' is a large, yellow semi-cactus form dahlia that reaches about 4 feet tall.  
'Peaches N Cream'
'Peaches N Cream' is a miniature formal decorative bi-color that has won some prestigious awards. I'm not surprised.

'Vasio Meggos' is a large formal decorative lavender dahlia with huge flowers.
'Camano Buz' is a miniature formal decorative orange dahlia introduced in 2002 by Dick Ambrose of Camano Dahlias in Washington.            

I plan to visit Bonneyville Mill County Park in Bristol, IN where there is reportedly a display bed of new dahlias that have been grown from seed to be tested for the American Dahlia Society. I haven't been able to find much information on the garden, so I will hopefully be able to scout it for anyone else in northern Indiana who might want to see dahlias. I'll report back soon.

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