July is for Lilies

While not necessarily my favorite month because of the mosquitoes and the humidity, 
July is certainly colorful. I'm going to let my flowers do the talking for this month's 

Lilium 'Yelloween' is a Oriental-Trumpet hybrid originally bred for the cut flower trade. It's grown 6 feet tall in my garden this year.
Lilium 'Silver Angel' is an upright trumpet lily that is fragrant.

Lilium 'Orania' continues to be one of my favorites. It's an OT (Oriental-Trumpet mix) that is very vigorous.
'Sweetheart' is an OT with a wonderful fragrance.
Introduced in 1964, Lilium 'Red Velvet' is an Asiatic with downward facing flowers the shade of the famous cake from the same era. It's red as red can be, but without a jot of fragrance. A fair trade-off.
Another OT, 'Porcelain Doll' has a heavy substance and a light fragrance.
One of my favorite OTs 'Conca d'Or' is vigorous, fragrant, sturdy and beautiful. And it's lovely with Liatris.
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  1. Gorgeous lilies. Difficult to pick a favourite. They are the best thing about July. Showy flowers, fragrance! They have it all.