Plethora of Peonies Part One

'Coral Sunset' is one of the most vigorous peonies in my garden. This year, fully open by May 31.
For the moment you've all been waiting for. Or at least some of you have. Well, I have certainly looked forward since the last bloom faded to this peony season. Each year is different and my neighbor tells me I'm just impatient whenever I say something like, "I think they're late this year." Actually, I think I say that every year - except in 2012 when everything was extremely early.

Peony 'Roselette' bloomed on May 19
Tree peony 'Princess Chiffon' May 19
They started popping open suddenly with a bit of warmth and sunshine, so by May 23, the peonies were ready to color my world.
'Roselette's Child' May 23
'Red Charm' May 23

Tree peony 'Calypso' May 23
'Coral Sunset' began to open May 27
'Abalone Pearl' on May 28
'Joker' is one of my favorites and is shown on May 31.

Did I already name a favorite? 'Martha' is just starting her spectacular bloom on May 31.

'Pink Hawaiian Coral' looks pretty on May 28 even before opening.
I've got lots more to come so I'll do this in three parts. I'll post in a couple of days when I get caught up. Meanwhile, what peonies do you have? Which are your favorites?

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