Peony Season Lasts Longer than a Month

Peony 'Rose Gnome'
In my garden, peony bloom time lasts for about a month, give or take a few days, depending on the year's weather.

This year it began on May 13 with 'Rose Gnome'. This diminutive hybrid was joined by my earliest tree peony, 'Princess Chiffon', 'Roselette' and 'Red Charm'.
'Paladin' is a hybrid with a great color.
After a cool and wet mid-May, the next round of peonies began to open on May 27, starting with 'Paladin', which bloomed before 'Coral Sunset'.
'Coral Sunset' is the first of the corals to bloom in my garden.
My garden June 1.

Peony 'Pink Derby', pictured here on
June 10, is a fragrant pink bomb.
If you were to walk into my garden on June 1, you would have seen the majority of my peonies in full bloom. 
But then the rain came. It came with a vengeance, leaving the heaviest face down in the dirt. Peonies still in bud were saved from the worst of it, and that included a variety called 'Pink Derby'.

Two of the most spectacular plants in bloom--'Martha' and 'Judith Eileen'--were officially finished for the season save for a few salvageable side buds.
Peony 'Al's Choice' looks just as pretty before it opens as it does after.
My first intersectional, 'Al's Choice', was saved from the force of the rain in part because each flower has just a few petals. It's considered a single, and therefore a survivor of summer storms.

'Elsa Sass' is the final peony to bloom in my garden, pictured here today, June 17.
A few of the aforementioned side buds are still chugging along, and the last plant to flower, 'Elsa Sass', is one I'm enjoying for its pristine color and light scent. There are some peonies that didn't take good photos this year, and others that, for one reason or another, didn't bloom at all. I'll be digging up at least three varieties to be named later. Although I don't plant peonies in the spots vacated by peonies, there will be enough room for shifting to make room for the two new varieties I purchased at auction at the American Peony Society's annual convention.

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