Easy Arranger Makes Bouquet-making Simple

You can use the Easy Arranger in an irregular-shaped vase by bending it.
Why struggle with flower arrangements when you have things like the Easy Arranger? Really. I have frogs and little iron thing with pins congested at the bottom. I've used marbles and plastic "gems" to give flower stems stability. I've used those polymer crystals that I never know where to dump once the flowers fade.

I'll admit, I'd forgotten I had it, but felt it would come in handy during peony season, as I don't like to cut really long stems. I also cut a couple of Magnolia sieboldii stems so I could enjoy them up close and they don't really have stiff stems. 

I used the same 5" Easy arranger in the vase my sister gave me as a wedding gift--a classic shape of crystal that was just right for a few short stems of Iris 'Immortality', Peony 'Paladin', and a few little Primulas.

Sure you could make your own version with chicken wire. But that's the "royal you," meant for others, because, truthfully, it's not in my top ten list of things to do (or even top 30).

I ordered an Easy Arranger Value Pack, which includes one of each of the following:
4 inch round
5 inch round
6 inch round
8 inch round
And a bonus of 5 Clear Dangles

I figure I'll keep some and gift some with flower arrangements. I usually give bouquets in recycled jars of all shapes and sizes, so the Easy Arranger will not only add stability to the stems, but a little bonus for those who like to do their own arranging but need a bit of help.

Keeping it tight, but still fiddling ...

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