In Search of the Big Blue Flower

I'd call this a light violet blue on Hydrangea 'Let's Dance Starlight'
Here in the Midwest, we have a terrible case of Hydrangea Envy. It was blunted somewhat when 'Endless Summer' came out, and further alleviated over the past several years with the procession of improved reblooming cultivars. Now there are doubles, bi-colors, and flowers that age to shades  only found in the gowns of the Dowager Countess of Downton Abby.

Clematis 'Blue Angel'

Siberian Iris 'Baby Sister' is what I'd consider blue.
In my neck of the Midwest, we mostly have pink flowers on our hydrangeas. If the soil is a bit acidic instead of the more typical alkaline, and there is aluminum present, flowers will be pale blue or a slightly deeper purple. We don't get sapphire blue, or even a denim blue, unless that denim is very, very faded.
Agapanthus or African lily flowers are very blue.
Not that there is anything wrong, or even unsightly about the blue achieved in Midwestern Hydrangeas. In my garden, blue - any shade of blue - is very welcome.

Experts say true blue is rare in the horticultural world. What we often call blue is more correctly purple.

Sure, there are other flowers that provide a color very close to blue. But until the elusive blue rose is achieved, the largest, bluest flower in a Midwestern garden is the Hydrangea.

There are several cultivars of Siberian Iris that are blue, or at least the closest to blue a flower can get. Clematis also boasts a few nearly blue varieties.

I tried Agapanthus for the first time last summer. Planted in a pot, it seemed to take a long time to grow and even a longer time to open fully, but I officially want more. (Pause here for a one-hour online search.)

Geranium 'Azure Rush' with Veronica 'Hocus Pocus'.
Geranium 'Rozanne' is often described as blue, and in some lights it is, but even when combined with chartreuse foliage, there is more red in it than a truer blue would allow. 

A sport of 'Rozanne', called 'Azure Rush' has lighter blue flowers than the award winning perennial. It is said to be more compact than 'Rozanne', but just as long-blooming.

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  1. I posted my comment from my iPad it seems the auto correct didn't like the word Muscari - I was saying that the only blue flowers in my garden are delphiniums, Muscari and forget me nots - it seems true blue flowers are hard to come by.