Deer Sends Dear Human Letter

Imagine if you woke up and found someone had sprinkled Hershey Kisses all over your living room. What would you do? Well, if you like chocolate, you'd eat them!

I'm a deer. Sure, we're known to oversimplify. That's why I'm having trouble making some sense out of these plants you put in your yard. Especially tulips. We deer LOVE tulips. They should be eaten just when the flower bud starts to emerge from the leaves. That's when they're at their best, is what my mother taught me.

So here's my question: What kind of sadistic idiot puts my favorite spring snack right where I can get it and then puts wire around half of them!!??!! If there was wire around all of the tulips, I'd just be on my way. There are some tasty Rhodo buds here in the woods, after all. But to lure me into the zone of the two-legged enemy and then close down the buffet is just cruel!

Humans say deer are getting smarter. Well, duh! You create all of these interesting obstacles just so that we can test ourselves. When we get together (in your woods!) we laugh about how a garden filled with beautiful plants partially covered by different barriers is the deer version of a Rubik's Cube. 

So from my perspective, what's blooming on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day? Not the tulips.

For more from people the world over about what's blooming in their garden, head over to May Dreams Gardens. I hear it's a virtual feast!

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