Dual-purpose Plants

Remember in the movie "What About Bob?" when Bill Murray's character faked a mental illness and then said, "If you can fake it, you don't have it."?

There is a lot less truth to the premise that if you deny it you don't have it. I've always denied the dried flower obsession that has taken hold of me. I blame my dry sauna, the perfect place, even without turning it on, to dry flowers hung along a shower rod running the length of the cedar bench. If obsession is defined as the repetition of an activity that has no purpose, I apparently have one. This particular obsession involves choosing flowers for their ability to look good when dried so they can sit around in vases throughout the house to collect dust.

I always have such high hopes for original and gorgeous arrangements for the winter holidays, but those ideas have yet to be realized. Well, maybe this year...

I've started an Amaranth called
'Oeschbert'  from Select Seeds. Seven plants are growing like crazy in the AeroGarden, having been started about four weeks ago. I'm keeping it at just seven so I won't run out of space for dried flowers like I usually do. This Amaranthus is said to bloom 10 weeks from sowing, so by mid to late May, I'll have deep burgundy flowers on stems reaching around 3-4 feet tall.

I never did like the bedding-height cockscomb with the crested heads topping out eight-inch plants. But I'm thinking I'll like Celosia 'Cramer's Burgundy', also from Select Seeds. This Celosia grows from two to three feet-tall, with flowers that beg to be cut and dried.

I think these plants will likely be relegated to the new raised bed that currently is host to new sun-lovers until and if I move them someplace else. And since I plan to harvest the flowers, they won't be center stage.

Oh, and I have no idea what I'll do with the harvest. Ideas, once they're dried, are very welcome. (Please provide instructions.)

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