Colorful Surprises Lurk Beneath the Leaves

Hellebore 'Amber Gem'
The potential for springtime discoveries lure me into my garden. I keep a pretty good list of perennials I've planted, but still I'm surprised to find them. Helleborus 'Amber Gem' is one to see up close. And for that to happen requires me to get flat on my stomach with my camera lens facing nearly straight up. It's worth it. This Hellebore is among the Winter Jewels series, with this particular cultivar in the peach range. Although I wouldn't call this flower peach, it's definitely a double, and it's certainly gorgeous.

'Amber Gem' is new in my garden, planted just last year, so it hasn't really settled in, perhaps a reason for its flower color.

Bergenia cilliata
Another newcomer to my garden is Bergenia cilliata which I ordered from Sequim Rare Plants. They send a nice big plant, and this one took to very well and quickly to its new location when I planted it last June.

The blossoms on this plant are forming quite low to the ground, as are its leaves. This is where the gentle shrub rake comes in handy to brush aside remaining oak leaves still on the ground.

I don't remember when I got tired of re-planting daffodils and chucked these in a box before tossing it into the woods. My garden came with some daffodils and I planted more over the years. And each fall when I add  things like peonies or lilies, I try to remove the daffodil bulbs and put them in other places in my garden. Sometimes there are just too many to deal with. I've given them away by the bucket-full, but still I have more. We'll see if these will bloom or not.

Whenever I see the tiny crocuses bloom, adding bright spots of color in an otherwise drab landscape, I promise myself I'll plant more. And I do. But obviously not enough to really make the impact I'd like.

One of the bulbs that HAS made an impact and seem to be deer-resistant are Scilla mischtschenkoana from Brent and Becky's Bulbs. It's quite a mouthful, and so is also referred to as early squill.

I have a very hard time telling it from the Puschkinia scilloides I also planted, but solved the conundrum by looking at my garden journal. I only planted 10 Puschkinia and 60 of the Scilla.
Scilla mischtschenkoana

Scilla mischtschenkoana

Scilla is on the left; Puschkinia on the right. I'm sure this time.

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  1. I love the colour of your hellebore - it always amazes me what a variety of colours they come in. I love scillas too - mine are a darker blue than yours and I love to see them en masse where they make much more of an impact.