From baby diapers to baby plants--my re-purpose coup

I'v wanted a grow light for ages, so when I got a gift card from my husband for our local garden center, I invested in a Jump Start Grow Light System. But where would I put it, I wondered. I went to my local resale shop, where we had found a sun room table with fold-down sides at a great price.

I was looking for a utilitarian, no-need-to-be-pretty table about 2 and a half feet wide and a foot or so deep. Anything would do, I told myself as I walked into the shop. 

And then I saw it - a pretty white-painted table with two shelves and a drawer. I took out my tape measure and determined it was the right size, and asked a volunteer how much it was. He found the tag for me--$25! I was ready to do a little dance--this was in great shape, the shelves and drawer would be great for plant food, seed containers, etc. 

I have an attractive stand that is light enough to move around after I've moved everything outdoors for the summer (Yeah, like THAT's going to ever happen), and find another use for then, perhaps on the covered patio for my tool storage. Or not.

I'll be playing with seeds really soon, as I've already received orders from three different sources. More on that later.

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