Plants and Planting Indoors for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The only flicker of hope that we'll ever see spring is the dripping of the icicles. Dave shoveled a few tons of snow off just the back half of the roof today. "See, if we really needed a new roof, it would have caved in under the weight," he reported.

We've been going back and forth about the need for a roof, a need we've had for the past 12 years at least. But that's a story for another day.

I called my sister just to catch up and she told me all about the insurance she has for short term illness, long term illness, and nursing care. I'm happy for my younger sibling, but it didn't do much for my under insured self's mood.

AeroGarden Extra seeded with basil on Jan. 31.

No worries. I have an Aero Garden. Billed as the fool-proof, dirt-free garden, the unit couldn't have come at a more opportune time.

The company, called AeroGrow, sent me the AeroGarden Extra, which retails for just under $200. It came with lights that can be raised as the plants grow, a large water reservoir, seeded pods, fertilizer, and automated timer for the pump and light functions.

Two weeks after setting it up, I'm seeing true leaves and roots.

Two weeks after seeding, most of the pods had several sprouts.
It calls for a top-off of water and fertilizer at two weeks. I also cut the sprouts back to one per pod. I don't need that many basil plants, and I'm looking forward to starting other seeds.

The AeroGarden calls for a different light and pump time schedule for germination than it does for active growing, so I'll have to see if I can, say, germinate kale and lettuce while the basil is growing to harvestable size.

Little Fiskars snips are perfect for removing extra seedlings.
Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, when garden bloggers all over the world talk about what is going on in their own gardens. It's a great way to compare notes, especially on a wintery day in February.

Every time I look out the window and into the white abyss, I can look back at my happy, shiny AeroGarden. Today as I snipped out the extra seedlings from each pod, I could smell the basil. And with that smell of something growing comes the assurance that, some day, our cold, white world will once again be green.
After just two weeks, the root growth is impressive.

Please visit May Dreams Gardens, where blogger Carol Michel, who also lives in Indiana and laments the white of winter. Carol is the host of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I'm grateful she came up with it because it's really easy to get a little down when you fear your roof will be coming down on you any minute.

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