New Plants and Great Plants 2013

Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' was one of my favorites.
I had a great time checking out new annuals and a few perennials this year. Although I typically hold back on judgement for perennials until they've been with me two or three years, Those added this year (2013) performed very well throughout the season.

A number of the plants I photographed this August resided on trial grounds in Michigan. August is a pretty tough month for many plants. They haven't been able to catch their breath from the long, hot days of July. On trial grounds such as C. Raker & Sons in Litchfield, Michigan, plants are fed and watered and are grown in a variety of methods, including in containers, in the ground, in raised beds, or under shade cloth, depending on their cultural requirements.

I've come up with a series of slides of the Best for 2013 that includes annuals, tropicals and a few perennials.

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