Inside and Out: It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

The color I see in my garden is best viewed from inside. Luckily, I have a wonderful sun room with lots of windows. Inside, I'm seeing signs of fungus gnats but am also seeing signs of growth of the many Amaryllis I replanted about a month ago. It's not pretty, so perhaps I'll wait awhile to post photos of them.

My obsessive need to collect dried hydrangeas has left me with dozens of stems. I also still have lavender from last year, Oregano 'Kent's Beauty', peonies, Astilbe, roses, and Liatris.
Wall basket with dried peonies, lavender, Astilbe, roses, oregano and Hydrangea.
Another basket, stuffed and stacked with hydrangeas in varying stages of blue and rose needed a little something, so I added stems of dried lavender. Simple, and a little scented. I still have lots of Hydrangea stems left over. Perhaps I'll stick them into the Christmas tree like I did last year.

Meanwhile, in case you hadn't realized the beauty of Salvia besides attracting bees and hummingbirds, they also make pretty long-lasting cut flowers. I picked some 'Wendy's Wish', and Salvia c. 'Coral Nymph' along with Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' and a cut stem of Hydrangea p. 'Pinky Winky' before we had a serious freeze a couple of nights ago.

I know this time of year is marked by the dearth of blooms that come from our actual gardens. Two months out of the year the simplest, and even obviously flawed flowers are given pride of place indoors. In my garden it's March and November. With that in mind, I've snapped a photo of this final bouquet.

And this ends my November post in Carol's May Dreams Gardens Garden Blogger Bloom Day, held on the 15th of each month to tell about what's going on in gardens throughout the world.


  1. Drying Hydrangeas doesn't seem like an obsession to seems like a necessity! Your basket arrangement is beautiful! Happy GBBD! Sally

  2. Wow, that wall basket is absolutely gorgeous. I also love the basket full of drying Hydrangeas.