Lilies from the Papa Mac Chair

Poppy keeps Papa Mac's Chair warm for me.
It was no bigger than a shoe box--hard to believe it contained so many possibilities. My order from B and D  Lilies contained a fragrant mix of mostly white, some yellow, and accents of deeper colors. The majority is meant for what I've come to call my Papa Mac Garden.

The Papa Mac Garden can be seen from the Papa Mac Chair, the recliner that had belonged to my Dad, who was referred to by his grand kids as "Papa Mac." His name wasn't Mac. It was Al. Mac was his West Highland White Terrier. The family tradition of differentiating grandparents by their dogs' names began with my nephew Jason, who lived with his mom (my sister) and Tootsie Grandma, named for my Grandmother's dog, Tootsie. Both Tootsie Grandma (my grandma) and Papa Mac liked dogs and they liked flowers.

The Papa Mac Garden is the last one I see before it gets dark, as I'm settling into the Papa Mac Chair to watch a movie. I love the way white or pale-colored flowers practically glow at dusk and so I've chosen the lilies accordingly.

Lilium 'Eyeliner'
The Asiatic-Longiflorum hybrid, 'Eyeliner' will bloom first. Its Easter lily heritage gives it a bit of fragrance, according to the description. It also recommends viewing this 3-footer up close to enjoy the thin line surrounding each petal.

Lilium 'Porcelain Doll'
'Porcelain Doll' is an Orienpet hybrid, a cross between an Oriental and a Trumpet lily. This relatively short (3-4 feet) cultivar blooms July/August and has accents of pink with a golden throat. It's labeled as having a light fragrance.

Perhaps slightly earlier than 'Porcelain Doll' is 'Silver Angel', a fragrant trumpet hybrid that can reach up to six feet tall when mature. For its first season, however, it should be three to four feet. Its bloom season is listed as July.
Lilium 'Silver Angel'
The lily variety I'm most looking forward to is 'Lankon', an Easter lily/lankongense hybrid. The back story on this cultivar is its appearance and subsequent popularity at the 2011 Chelsea Garden Show. This first-of-its-kind lily was introduced by H. W. Hyde and Son of Twyford, Berkshire in the UK.

I'm picturing a warm day in mid-July, with low humidity and enough of a breeze out of the south-southwest to carry the scent of the lilies blooming in the Papa Mac Garden. It won't begin to get dark until around 8, the day and the dark-colored blooms fading slowly as the white flowers take on a luminescence that my Dad would have loved to see as he sat in his chair.

Lily 'Lankon'

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