Compact Versions of XL Plants Allow Room for More

Anemone 'Pretty Lady Emily' is under two feet tall.
No matter whether you have acres or square inches to plant, your garden can always use plants that take up less space than their predecessors. For example, I probably will never completely remove the vigorous varieties of Japanese Anemone. By late summer, the garden cries out for color and freshness, and Anemones are stalwart saviors. These lovely harbingers of crisp fall days have to be strong enough to elbow their way through the bulky bastions of summer. In my garden, they draw attention to the faded foliage of Amsonia just before it turns to gold. Anemone 'Pretty Lady Emily' won't be holding its own with Amsonia or even Actaea, but it will make a great companion for Heuchera, especially varieties with dark leaves. The blooms of this variety are just as large as the standard varieties, but open on stems that reach up to just 18 inches.

Even though the Aster no longer officially goes by that name, Symphyotrichum 'Tiny Tot', which I purchased from Sequim Rare Plants, is a dwarf New York Aster with some serious "blue-ness" going for it. Even though I'd just planted it in early June, it's rewarded me with lots of early blooms on stems reaching less than a foot tall. 'Tiny Tot' is a nice plant for edging, and though it's not tall enough to cover the bare legs of the taller asters, it is great at the base of roses.

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