Welcome to my Garden, Fashion Police!

I might go to the garden center in
this outfit.
Do you pay attention to what you wear in the garden? If you're like me, you have your go-to gardening togs that you probably wouldn't go to the store in even if it's an emergency run for fertilizer. Well, perhaps I'd take a run to the garden center in the cooler weather, as I'm mostly covered up.

It's another story in the hot weather, as my goal is to keep as cool as possible and damn the fashion police. Sweating can be a nuisance, especially when you'd prefer not to share your hand dirt with your face. In the really hot months, I'd taken to wearing a bandana of sorts around my head to catch the perspiration before it reached my glasses. I'd purchased a straw hat that turned out to be too big on me, which made it easier to wear over the bandana.
The most comfortable pants for hot weather are linen, and luckily I have a pair that had a previous run-in with some bleach. The most breathable linen tends to stretch out of shape--not a good thing for career-wear, but perfect for gardening.

Wishing to avoid the "trucker tan," I choose a tank top of some kind, preferably long enough to avoid a gap that forms upon bending that could scare the neighbors or attract mosquitoes. Speaking of mosquitoes, I've acquired four units of the Off! Clip On Mosquito Repellent devices. Our mosquitoes are really bad, especially between the hours of dawn and 10 am and from 5 pm to sunset. During these times I wear two of the devices, one clipped to each pocket of my pants.

Muck Boots
Oh, and no matter what season it is, I (almost) always wear socks of some kind with Muck Boots. Even though this is the first season for these well-made shoes, I can tell they'll last more than a couple of years. They're comfy yet sturdy, and they don't weigh me down on hot days. And even with muck on them, they're kind of pretty. I've found they run pretty true to size, as I'd at first ordered a size larger than normal so I could wear wool socks with them in the winter, but I didn't need to, as they're kind of stretchy at the opening, and have plenty of room in the toe box.
These gardening pants are on sale at Duluth Trading Co.

This Panama hat is on sale for $9.99!
Thanks to a trial package from Duluth Trading Co., I've been testing a few items like the Panama hat, which is actually too nice for backyard gardening. I wear it when I visit other gardens, to the beach and anywhere I'd like to keep the sun off my hair and face.

Duluth Trading has designed some gardening pants, which are roomy enough to move in and breathable enough to work in on all but the steamiest of days. I like the gusseted crotch, the elastic at the bottom to help keep out the creepie crawlies, lots of pockets, and places for kneepads.

And if you haven't invested in a pair or two of SmartWool socks, you've gotta give them a try. Duluth Trading carries a nice selection of them, too.


  1. Duluth is a great source for the best clothes for the garden and all around active wear. The long tails on the t shirts cover the gardener's
    middle and more. I also like the bib overalls in long and short. Lots over room to move and pockets for tools and my radio.

  2. I love Duluth clothes. I am now going the men's route next. Our son-in-law likes their clothes for himself so my goal to introduce my farmer husband to their products, also. Like your blog. So enjoy gardening again now that I am retired.

    1. Hi Judi,
      Thanks for the comment. Have you tried their gardening pants or capris? Depending on how much gardening you do, it's hard to purchase a pair of pants delegated to gardening, but these seem to be well-made and should last a very long time.