Bird Opera in the Garden

Cooper's Hawk on a wire.
It won't be a bird-watching day. BECAUSE IT'S RAINING!!! Really raining. For more than five minutes. It's raining hard enough to separate the gutters from their precarious connections, but I'll worry about that some other time.

Birds have been my excuse for letting the garden get into the state it's in. Mama and Papa Cooper's Hawks have given birth to at least one baby, and there is no ignoring them. From the sounds they make to the size they reach, I couldn't help but become a part of their lives for a few days.

Those silly Heckle-Jeckle Hummingbirds refused to allow photos, so I had to stalk some other feathered resident, and so I have.

The Cooper's Hawk family lives somewhere in the woods behind us and hangs around because we have feeders out. Still, birds on their preferred diet continue to live their lives, albeit a bit more clandestinely. The wren family has moved away, but the catbirds continue to raise a family somewhere on the east side of the garden.

Throughout the month I've captured a few birds, including the Heckle-Jeckle Hummers, and am glad my camera also includes a microphone. If you listen to the background you'll hear the hawks along with the cardinals and wrens. 


  1. That was really enjoyable, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Bernie! They've grown up to be much quieter adults.