Salvia Season

Salvia 'Wendy's Wish'
Some Salvias need a long warm season to begin blooming, and two new ones in my garden are starting to reward me with flowers.

'Wendy's Wish' was an afterthought, purchased on sale at Chesterton Feed & Garden Center along with several other plants that I jammed into one giant planter on the patio. You can almost always find tall Salvia on the sale rack. It doesn't keep its charm after a couple of months jammed into a pot meant to be temporary.

I bought two on July 5 and pinched them back when I planted them. It takes patience and a little faith to make yourself pinch a plant that has so little going for it to begin with. They had been in quart pots, so they had a sizable root system, which is probably why they're blooming just three weeks later.

Flowers by the Sea has an interesting story about this Salvia, and it also has several salvia links.

Salvia 'Wendy's Wish'
Another Salvia, purchased from Goodwin Creek Gardens is 'Sierra San Antonio'. Three tiny plants arrived in early June and I gave them a modicum of pinching, which is why they're awfully leggy now. According to San Marcos Growers, it's a hybrid between Salvia greggii and S. microphylla.

Salvia 'Sierra San Antonio'
When I saw this Salvia in bloom at Goodwin Creek, I was smitten with its lovely blend of deep peach and pale yellow, which is hard to capture in a photo. 

'Sierra San Antonio' will hopefully reach three feet in height so I can see it from my window when the hummingbirds swing by.

I have one more Salvia that hasn't yet bloomed, but I'll post about it when it finally does. I have Zinnia 'Queen Red Lime' seedlings planted with the 'Sierra San Antonio' and I'm hoping it will make a nice combination.

Salvia 'Sierra San Antonio'


  1. Both are lovely! I really need to grow more Salvias. They do well here.

    1. Thanks, Bernie. And you still can probably find some at your garden center in the "tired and bedraggled" section.

    2. Great suggestion, I'll keep a look out.