Powerful Hose Nozzle has a Place in the Garden

You wouldn't use it while sipping wine from your best crystal. Or after gently patting in a few rows of lettuce seeds. No. The original *Ultimate HoseNozzle by Bonaire, billed as "the only nozzle you'll ever need," can be used in the garden, but more as an enforcer than a nurturer. (more about that later.)

My garden tools see me as a user with an abusive nature. I drop, fling, and pretty much let my tools fend for themselves wherever they land at the end of the day. I’ve run over them with my car and left them to winter in the lawn. They must be survivors. 

There are lighter nozzles--those that can be turned on easily with one hand while the other balances a plate of canap├ęs. My main nozzle has a useful mist setting that’s great for seeds and seedlings. Another has a handle that allows me to reach things like hanging pots or hard to reach plants. In my garden they’ll last two seasons at most before maltreatment or our well water does them in.

This latest dry spell, beginning with a week of incredible heat and humidity and ending with near gale-force winds, has not done my plants any favors. And it doesn’t help that it’s Japanese beetle season. While I wouldn’t do large-scale watering with the Bonaire Ultimate Hose Nozzle, I enjoyed using it to pretend we had rain along with the wind. It came sideways, blasting the Acanthus spinosus foliage and the Chamaecyparis thyoides ‘Heatherbun'. I shot the base of a shrub rose that I’d neglected to clear of dried leaves in the springtime and knocked the dried up flowers off the lilies.

Getting the hang of it, I aimed a stream at my Pamela Crawford planter. One of the beauties, after all, of a hose nozzle with a long reach is that you don’t have to drag the hose through the garden. And I’ll bet I even knocked off a few remaining beetles in the process.
The Bonaire Ultimate Hose Nozzle can fill a watering can quicker than any other nozzle I have, or it can blast the sanding residue from the bottom of a boat. (the Laser in the driveway) It must be turned off and on with two hands, but it’s easy to turn, and it feels so substantial in my hand. I know that if I drop it on the ground I won’t get that afraid-to-see-the-damage feeling that comes when plastic meets pavement. The only downside I found with the nozzle’s use is that it’s impossible to turn on after it’s been in the hot sun, especially with arthritic hands like mine. But now that I know that, we keep it out of the sun. Under the boat is a perfect place, giving the disputed Laser in the driveway a purpose. For now, anyway.

The Bonaire Ultimate Hose Nozzle was sent to me gratis by Duluth Trading, a company I like for its rugged yet classy work clothing for women. I will be reviewing other items from Duluth Trading Company in future blogs.

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