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Whether you choose to purchase plants at an independent garden center or a big box retailer is all about what you're looking for. For gardeners seeking plants they probably won't find lining their local bank parking lot, the independents are best. The big box retailers are great for finding hardscaping items like pavers and nuts and bolts edging.
The best way to choose peonies is to visit a specialty nursery such as this one in southern Oregon called
Buck Canyon Gardens.

It can be hard to imagine a plant in your garden when it's growing in a pot on a waist-high bench in rows with similar plants in different colors. And I think this is the main difference between big box stores and independent garden centers. Not all independents offer display gardens, but those that do will always find themselves on my "must visit" list.

At Gossler Farms Nursery, not only can you see how plants grow together, you'll get to meet the resident prets.

If you're a gardener who likes to mix small trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs together, a well-designed display bed will offer plenty of inspiration.

Sebright Gardens in Brooks, Oregon, has a very impressive and very well-labeled display garden.


Goodwin Creek Gardens has been the go-to location for Lavender and fancy-leaved Pelargonium. We had the great pleasure to visit this southern Oregon institution and had a great time with founders Dotti and Jim Becker and their canine in residence, Snookie.


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