Cutting flowers is good for you!

Making bouquets is also good for the plant. Here is why:
  • removing flowers encourages more flowers.
  • cutting flowers encourages a closer look - you might even find disease or insect issues earlier than if you hadn't been in search for bouquet participants.
  • putting flowers together in a vase makes it easy to determine which plants should be neighbors in the garden.
  • the more bouquets you make, the better you'll get at it and the more enjoyment it will give you.
Deep rosy-pink Asiatic lilies are blooming in two places in my garden. I wondered if they were the same variety and patted myself on the back for coming up with a simple test: I'd cut them and put them together in a vase! Fortunately or unfortunately, they're not the same. It's subtle, but in the photo you can see that one variety is more peachy than the other. I don't think the colors detract from the bouquet, expecially since I've added some true pink and lavender-pink to the mix along with white.
Two Asiatic lily hybrids with Itea 'Little Henry', Stachys 'Pink Cotton Candy' and the last pink double peonies.

Removing the pistil and stamens from lilies keeps pollen from getting all over everything.

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