Great Combos: You Can Grow That!

The most wonderful time of the year in my garden is peony time. And although I have finally succeeded in having something in bloom or looking colorful throughout the season, it's from mid-May through early June when things get downright take-my-breath-away gorgeous. With more than 40 herbaceous peonies and a few tree and intersectionals, I could concentrate on just the peonies. But every plant, no matter how breathtakingly beautiful, can look even better when partnered with another plant or plants. I've captured these peony pairings because timing is everything and the range of bloom times for peonies is, on average, about five weeks.
Peony 'Mme Ducel' with Iris siberica 'Baby Sister'

Peony 'White Wings' with Dianthus Bath's Pink

Peony 'Paladin' with Helianthemum 'Hartswood Ruby'

Peony 'White Cap' with Penstemon 'Prairie Twilight'
That's it for now, just enough to get you started. Each year I add more to the mix, but haven't captured the happy couples on camera.
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