Spring Brings Promise of Blooms

It's not the latest I've had Crocus in bloom. But comparing anything with 2012 makes everything seem late. This huge crocus stood out, surrounded as it was with brown, crisp winter leaves. It was all alone, having arrived most likely in the company of a relocated shrub or perennial. If it had been planted in a group I probably wouldn't have paid much attention. And I wouldn't have learned that the stigma of the flower is such a vivid orange it's hard to photograph.
Cornus mas lures me into the woods to get a closer look. Even the tiniest flowers stand out on bare stems. As the flowers of the dogwood open, clumps of daffodils will provide a perfect counterpart.
At least the Hellebores are finally opened up and visible throughout the garden. Most are a version of deep pink, but one lonely white-flowered plant provides the most bang for the buck in the midst of a brown landscape.
Promises for future flowers pop up almost daily, with bulbs running the gamut from Eremurus (foxtail lilies) to Hyacinth. Eremurus is the tallest plant going and, for me, blooms along with the latest flowering peonies. 
Eremurus, or foxtail lily emerges amidst the mums.
 Whether or not you recall my pronouncement about the last snowfall, I'm admitting here that I was wrong. It snowed yesterday, and I photographed the icy pellets as they landed on Peony 'Rose Gnome'. Luckily it didn't last and it didn't provide even a hint of cover, so I'll revise my March 15 premonition to state that "it won't snow measurably."
Peony 'Rose Gnome'
A pair of black-capped chickadees seem to be preparing a nest in a decorative birdhouse in my garden. It's looking a bit rundown and I'd planned to replace it, but they apparently don't mind.

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