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Narcissus 'Passionale'
My husband is always accusing me of being cavalier with my plants. Ok, so maybe I'm not a sentimentalist when it comes to saving something just because it grows. The anniversary daffodils are another matter, however. The Narcissus variety called 'Passionale' bloomed in our garden on our wedding day - April 25, 1987. They happened to again be in bloom on that day the following year, which sealed the deal on our name for them. When we moved to a temporary location in August, 1999, I dug them up and planted them in my parents' garden, where they bloomed the following spring. I marked them and moved them to our new home garden in the fall of 2000.

Last year, however, they were in full bloom on March 31. Today, five days before our 26th anniversary, they're in tight bud. But they'll at least be blooming closer to our anniversary than they were last year, which happened to be our 25th.

I couldn't resist picking one of my favorite tulips, 'Montreux' from the raised bed on the south side of the house.

Tulip 'Montreux' in early April, 2012
The one I picked hasn't even begun to show the coloration it's capable of. This is a flower that gets better as it opens up, providing us with several days anticipation. I have to plant tulips close to the house, as they're just too tempting to the herd of marauding deer that have been coming by twice a day.
If this were a painting, I'd call it "Insult and Injury."

Tulip 'Montreux' today

My pronouncement about snow last month has come back to haunt me. It snowed last night, and was still lingering on little shady patches and plants. I was happy to see the lettuce seed I'd planted in the VegTrug had sprouted, and even happier to see it wasn't slowed down by the snow. The catmint has grown quite lush on the east side of the house and took the little snow dusting in stride.


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