Deer Deterrant / Raccoon Restriction

It might look like bare dirt in the VegTrug, but I'm expecting to be eating lettuce and beets some time in the future. I planted Big Boston lettuce and two types of beets (Golden and Flat of Egypt) from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and European Red and Green lettuce mix from Renee's Gardens.That's all. Last year, my first with the VegTrug, I tried to plant too much and nothing ended up doing that well.
When the plants start developing enough size to become tempting for the deer, I'll put a cover on it. I have a choice between the greenhouse plastic or a screen.
Raised veggie beds by Leslie and Jeremy

Our neighbors fell in love with our VegTrug last year, and decided to create their own version as part of their deck. When I heard the rhythmic sound of wood staples, I had to go and see what they were up to. This marvel of design using inexpensive materials like chicken wire, is accessible from both sides and features latches on each hinged door to keep out everything from raccoons and deer to the neighborhood cat. Leslie plans to grow tomatoes and zucchini in this, one of the few sunny spots in her garden.

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