Daffodil Season at Brincka-Cross Gardens

We found some wonderful surprises at Brincka-Cross Gardens in Furnessville. It was cold and wet, but color could be found both up high and much closer to the wet ground. It was well worth it.

White-flowered Pieris blooms on 8'+ shrub
There is no longer a breathtaking swathe of Narcissus once called "Daffodil Hill," but there are still plenty of varieties to enjoy as individuals. The list found in records kept by Bill Brincka included around 300 different varieties of Narcissus--more than enough to enchant both casual observer and passionate collector.
I have no way of knowing which is which, but I am guessing those blooming right now are of the mid-season types. According to Brincka's list, most of the daffodils are mid- and late-season varieties, so there should be at least another week to 10 days of blooms, depending on the weather.

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