Amaryllis 'Pavlova': You Can Grow That!

After last year's success with three varieties of Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) from Eden Blooms, I had hoped perhaps I could repeat or even improve upon their performance. The results were somewhat unexpected.

Hippeastrum 'Pavlova'
Out of the three, the one with the most impressive number of blossoms was ‘Pavlova’, a white double I had ordered as an afterthought, as I’m not big on some of the doubled blooms of many types of flowers. I can now recommend 'Pavlova' as a great Amaryllis to try for beginners. Not only did Pavlova bloom after just seven weeks fromplanting, she bloomed from a bulb of a size from which I didn’t expect much.
While 'Razzle Dazzle' taunts me with one fat bud, and 'Sweet Lillian' has yet to send up a blooming stem, 'Pavlova' is in danger of being passed along to anyone with an interest in successful Amaryllis culture. Perhaps I'll give her the opportunity to perform for the Christmas holiday by planting her on Halloween.

Hippeastrum 'Pavlova' - two stems.
Depending on how well the bulbs increase and grow in summer, I might just have one or two to share here with my readers. Stand by and check back in September. I'll mark it on my calendar. Meanwhile, check out all the other "You Can Grow That" blogs here:

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  1. That is gorgeous! I'll have to pass this on to my Dad. He's the grandson of an English florist and loves learning about new cultivars, thanks!