Have Your Hands Survived the Season?

Hopefully your hands have survived the season and are still in good working order. Mine seem to get shorter, stubbier, and nearly to the point of resembling Harry Lauder's Walking Stick as the years roll along. My pinkies bend inward, my thumbs have lost their muscle, and the middle finger of my left hand has formed its own dowager's hump. After a day (or even an hour) in the garden, they crack when I bend them, hurt when I lift stuff and look generally like they've done a little more than dabbling at field work.
Each evening I undergo Netflix therapy, during which I massage my hands with emollients containing the highest grease content I can find. I really like The Naked Bee products, including the Hand & Cuticle Salve and the Hand and Body Lotion, both of which I smear on my hands as I lounge in my lazygirl watching movies.
I recently received a pair of gardening gloves to try from Garden Girl USA. They are quite the beauties, no? Ruffled lace and a delicate pink color belie their durable feel and well-constructed constitution. And one of the first things I noticed shortly after putting them on to dig and plant some bulbs? They actually feel good on my hands! According to Petra Maison, founder of Garden Girl, Garden Gloves are midway between the Weeding Glove, which will likely last a season, and the Working Glove, which is a heavy-duty glove made with leather. I have to order a larger size than I used to wear because of my Quasimodo hands. The Large fits very nicely, has a bit of stretch to it, and disguises my bumpy digits quite handily.
When I decided to take a break after planting, I took off the Garden Gloves, and I'll have to say, they looked a lot fresher than I felt. But after a tasty rum and Coke I didn't let it bother me.
Cheers! And Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

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  1. Hi, I am new here, and the first thing i saw are your fingers! I am sorry about them. Working hands, very industrious hands, those are what they've been all their lives! My hands are worn-out too, but at least they are not bent. May be yours have arthritis, which bent them. My sister, younger than me has a few fingers bent like that. She use ginger to pacify the pain. Here in the tropics, we don't use gloves because it would be so hot, so we garden bare!