Gifts for Gardeners

As gardeners, we know that just because it's winter, we haven't stopped thinking about our next season. If we've gotten all of our bulbs into the ground and given thought to the first flower even as we've cut back the last, it's what we anticipate after the holiday hubbub is over.

Do you have any budding gardeners in your lives? Or gardeners on the fence? Gardeners on the fence can include:
  • Soccer moms currently spending most of their time shuttling kids around in between home and work.
  • Those who pin pretty flowers onto their virtual boards but assume if they can't afford minions they can't be bothered actually growing them.
  • Closet gardeners who put real gardening into the yard chore category.
  • Kids you suspect don't have a clue about where their food comes from.
I've compiled a list of items perfect for gifting to any true or potential gardener.

Click the photo for a slideshare compilation of gift ideas.

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