A Gardeners Wish List Part I

Okay, so it's time to make my wish list! (I'm having trouble re-setting my holiday clock, and cling to the old traditions of waiting until after Thanksgiving.) So, beginning with things I've always wanted, and assuming there are other gardeners out there who share my wishes, there is:

A heated birdbath or birdbath heater. I found out there are lots of heaters out there, from solar-powered to electric, so I found a site that lists the Top 10 Bird Baths. The site made it clear that I'll need to put my birdbath in a location that doesn't require me to trudge through three-foot snow drifts to refill the vessel when it's empty. It also made me realize I'll need something extremely stable to hold up to the rigors of non-bird parties who will be using it.

My waterproof gardening gloves have finally worn out after four years. They were West County Gloves, and I want another pair. I love the fit of these gloves: Warm, waterproof, and not so bulky that you can't maneuver your hands!

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