Frost Fails to Foil Formidable Flowers

"Holy Cow! Where did that cockamamie frost come from?! It's not supposed to do that until some time in November," the spoiled me exclaimed.

If I had just started gardening in the past couple of years, I would have felt as though the temperature dip of early October was directed at me personally. As one who has no such newbie status, I am duly red-faced. My husband lugged in the tropicals, a job that gets more difficult each year as he ages and the plants grow. But I could have ooched the mixed pots beneath the eaves for a possible save. Today it's in the 70s for pity's sake!

Salvia 'Coral Nymph'
OK, enough lamentation. I still have lots of color in the garden, some of it even provided by some annuals. Two I started from seed from Renee's Garden Seeds - Salvia 'Coral Nymph' and Nasturtium 'Cup of Sun'. I like 'Coral Nymph' for its delicate addition of color, blending well with whatever it grows with. Although the Nasturtium is described as fading to a paler yellow, my experience throughout the summer has been a flower of a consistently bright and cheerful peachy gold. I'd shied away from Nasturtium over the years because it hadn't performed well for me. But 'Cup of Sun' single-handedly changed my mind.

Nasturtium 'Cup of Sun'
My roses have finally recovered from the overly-lengthy visit by Japanese beetles. The golden backdrop combined with the fall sun angle turns the Rose 'Pink Home Run' into a bouquet of vibrant beacons near my sun room window. This disease-resistant single shrub rose was developed when a pink-flowered branch was found on a red 'Home Run' rose. It even has a wonderful fragrance when conditions are right.
Rosa 'Pink Home Run'
My favorite rose, 'Gruss an Aachen' put out a smattering of blossoms when the weather cooled off. This floribunda, according to the Antique Rose Emporium, is thought to be the rose that began the floribunda class. I have had this plant for more than 15 years, bringing it with me from the old house, and moving it at least twice before it finally settled two years ago in the south-facing raised bed near the house. I'd chosen it because it was described as being able to bloom in less than sunny conditions.
'Gruss an Aachen' floribunda rose

So aside from putting the kibosh on my Zinnias and several mixed planters, the frost hasn't forced me to forgo continued fun in my fall garden. Enjoy what's left of the season, snap some photos, open the windows and listen to the leaves swish in the wind. And happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

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